Skin Care



For the ultimate in skin pampering, our estheticians use Glōtherapeutics skin care products which offers a systematic approach to treat multiple skin concerns by incorporating home care programs and professional treatments.  Come experience these stress reducing treatments.


Glo Facial

This “Glo” facial is customized to the clients skin type. Includes double cleanse, tone, either pumpkin enzyme scrub or brightening polish w/steam, facial and arm massage, mask, serum and moisturizer. For relaxation and a fresh, renewed complexion.

Allow 60 minutes                                        $70

w/added hand treatment                            $85


Glo Back / Foot Treatment

Includes a double cleanse w/steam, citrus lavender scrub, body oil, and body butter along with a cleanse & scrub for the feet with a coconut charcoal detoxify foot masque.

Allow 35 minutes                                        $55


Glo Chemical Peels

Whatever your skin concerns, from acne to rosacea to visible signs of aging, these treatments can improve conditions dramatically.  Positive changes in your skin are apparent immediately; firmer texture, smoother touch and healthier look. All peel facials require a purchase of an at home post peel care kit, or Glo remedy gel.


Glo  Enzyme

Enzyme, the lightest of all, includes facial massage. This is our Glo facial with a stronger exfoliant used.

Allow 60 minutes                                        $75


15% Lactic

This treatment is two layers of exfoliation, enzyme and lactic acid. No facial massage due to the sensitivity of the skin after the peel, but does include a hand treatment.

Allow 45 minutes                                        $85


Glycolic 30%/Salicylic 30%

Treatment includes hand treatment. This is a mild chemical peel. Consultation and patch test required before peel. Must purchase a series of treatments of at least 4, for the integrity of the skin. First two treatments will prep skin for stronger application of the final two peels. There are 3-4 layers of chemical applied per treatment.

Series of 4 Treatments                                $375


Glo Modified Jessner Peel

Recommended for mature, sun damaged or acne skin. Moderate peel with downtime. Requires at least one facial to prep skin and pre & post at home skin care.

Allow 45 minutes                                        upon consultation


Waxing Services






Back or Chest

Leg w/Bikini





start at $15.00

start at $10.00

start at $15.00

start at $30.00

start at $45.00

start at $40.00

start at $65.00

start at $30.00

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