Body Massage


We offer a variety of massages to accommodate your needs. Our licensed massage therapist can assist you in getting the most from your massage.  Carefully administered techniques will improve circulation, soothe sore muscles, and promote relaxation.  Speak with our massage therapist with any questions or concerns you may have today.


Relaxing Spa Massage

Let your mind, body and spirit relax to a massage customized to release stress and tension. This massage pampers you with aromatherapy and a warm towel treatment on the back for deeper relaxation.


60 Minutes $75          Series of 6 $375

90 Minutes $105        Series of 6 $525


Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

This massage is designed to offer you a more specific treatment to assist in pain reduction, releasing chronic muscular tension, improve circulation, increasing joint flexibility and reducing mental and physical fatigue and stress. Deep tissue work along with trigger point therapy, stretching and passive joint therapy are just some of the modalities utilized, along with heated stones to the back and shoulders to release and decrease pain.


60 Minutes $95          Series of 6 $475

90 Minutes $125        Series of 6 $625


Healing Heated Stone Massage

Heal the mind, body and spirit with the ultimate in relaxation. This luxurious massage gently melts away the tension and stress incorporating heat therapy, using heated soothing stones from the sea. The perfect treatment to relieve stress and ease tension.


75 Minutes $95


Mother-to-Be Massage

A Special combination of gentle massage techniques and positioning are used to ease tension and relax you during this special time. Recommended for Mothers after the first trimester.


60 Minutes $75          Series of 6 $375

90 Minutes $105        Series of 6 $525


Smooth and Soothe

Indulge yourself in this natural body exfoliation treatment using a luxurious, hydrating Salt Glow.  Then for further pampering a sumptuous Body Butter is applied to replenish your skin during a soothing, relaxing massage. This is the perfect indulgence to nurture the skin and the senses.


100 Minutes  $125