Nail Care



Like any quality polish application, the Shellac system features a Base Coat, Color Coat and Top Coat. Together with a UV Lamp, they comprise the breakthrough in resilient color that remains flawless for two weeks and removes in 10 minutes.

                                                                        start at $37



This includes shaping the nails, care of the cuticles,

using an exfoliating cream, buffing the nails with oil,

soaking the nails in a warm cream, followed by a hand massage, and polishing them to a beautiful finish.

                                                                        start at  $25



Includes soaking and softening your feet in the warm foot bath, trimming and shaping of the toenails, cuticle maintenance, and a callus softening treatment followed by a soothing massage with oil and lotion, and toenails buffed or polished to your liking.

                                                                        start at  $35


Acrylic Nails

Full Set of Acrylic Nails                                    start at $55


2 week fill                                                      start at $37


Full Set of Pink & White Nails                          start at $65

Pink and White Fills                                           start at $40


Polish Change                                                 start at $10


Nail Art

$2 to $5 per nail depending on complexity of design or crystals and stones used.